Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New Novel - Once Upon A Thatcher Time

Once Upon A Thatcher Time.
People have asked me how long have I been writing and what motivated me to start. Well it goes back about twenty years now. I hated the Thatcher years and, as I saw it, the negative and illusionary philosophies that went with it. So I set out to write a novel highlighting all this.
It took me about 10 years writing in my lunchtimes, under the working title, The Innocent Legatee. A Financial thriller set in, and just after, the Thatcher years. A young man inherits shares in a vast national trading company and learning about the attitudes and values of their trading principles. But piece by piece he uncovers the grubby secrets of its founder, that the company is founded on criminality and drugs running. Just in time he also comes to defy all these unpleasant principles and confront those who perpetuate them.
Subsequently my published novels have been historical fiction, but this original manuscript has been gathering dust unpublished and unread. So last year I set about rewriting the story under the new title Once Upon A Thatcher Time.  I have also changed it from the third person narrative to a first person narrative.
The death of Mr.T. has motivated me to publish it direct to kindle/other E-reader formats, (no plans at this time to publish in paper form.)
If you want to read it, go to Smashwords is a multi e-reader platform; it will give you a choice of reading devices. Don't worry if you do not have kindle/e-reader, it can be read on desktop, laptop or tablet computers. Smashwords will tell you how to do it,

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